A Film By Ewan French

I have been making films since the age of 9. From comedy sketches, feature films too films about my personal experiences of loss. Film is really my way of expressing myself. 

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ISOLATION - COVID-19 leaves the world in self isolation. Joey finds himself in the same cycle day in and day out, and starts to go insane... he needs to find a solution.

Fantasy - Debut feature film. Comes accompanied with a soundtrack album. 

BELIEF - A  short film inspired by when I lost my Grandfather. Also an award winning film.

BOWIE - A man loses his dog in a forest. And waits for it to come back...

LEGACY - A tribute film to my Grandad.

The Thief - Someone has their wallet stolen. But in the end, who is the real thief?

SNOW MERCY - I really don't know how to explain this one

More films & examples of client work can be found

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