St George babyyyyy Bristol Child!


"Ewan French is a Bristol-born artist. With a background in filmmaking, he generates a sound between cinematics and hip-hop/trap. Aiming to be "visual" in his lyrics and choice of sounds. His music reflects a range of influences and feelings.


In 2019, Ewan French was named one of Bristol's most inspiring young people by Rife Magazine for his impact on film and music in the city. He has interviewed the likes of Naomi Scott, Dolph Lundgren & most notably Will Smith.


Ewan French began making music and films in a collective, Basset & Braggs, who released their first album alongside feature film, namely ‘Fantasy’ in 2019. He has since left this collective and is now making music with the likes of SydoD1, Marceli & Soul AMG.


With more singles set to be released this year. He has performed & hosted a number of Bristol-based events alongside Willow Kayne, Posidays, Leo Bhanji, Virgil Hawkins, dxvl and Motto Estate.


He hopes to create music that is both grounding and hype-worthy, with a strong focus on visuals as well as sound."


- Words by Tara Jetto